Causes and Solutions to Homelessness (Sources)

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Here’s how Finland solved its homelessness problem

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Homelessness is not inevitable and can be solved – these cities show us how

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CAUSES….Why are so Many people homeless?

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Beyond shelter

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The “Supermarket Sweep”

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Housing NOT HANDcuffs

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The Criminalization of Homelessness: Explained

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Cities are criminalizing homelessness by banning people from camping in public. That’s the wrong approach, report says

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“Forced into Breaking the Law” The Criminalization of Homelessnessin Connecticut

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The Hidden Homeless: Families Experiencing Homelessness (Director’s Cut)

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Why can’t we solve homelessness now?

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How LA Profits from City-Wide Homeless Crisis | Soledad Ursua

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Arabella Kyprianides et al. 11 2020. Power, Authority and Procedural Justice.–ExesJqJ7ztODPN1Wi9yFznwRVke6Sd7t0BCz5f-87_mXJkMINbA4RqtLoDgdWLDbdyjSbGenehQy3AIwM1pp7kPzavJ2ONb5WFNOeBXiX5ScUlJtNCXetBBj4P01eHquB9xlWUVJuKRfecAfh4WCcw7sO1y7ptouBKqdKCBg0QLlKHcbGe4INVmPSXKgbtdODS5qlrSFymOKHgJV1tCzOVSmOUdV3FYuVVcRlfuVxY7dAI8SDbqt8c_jGS7KhhNmR_irfY1e0kLK2r8j_gvjwAFdnnRYWJ7_cO4UMeA71p54eYeyZgkRXeZyp_BGd2iJ3ouriGTuN8VJMw-IivuAUQDZiYtqF46cmcbHGfmOdaYgsj9nVd7FHd00TU0I9WLh8bm2m_PHRzbtlC3eDoRweTLHByK9mkyWs32gyQztlmpToVjO_ltBGMUbCfCX2SDMVfPqci9hrEYtLkej83iUtQy05eQDsUMyaCCZIg9MiaDrElsyRVlw1D2m_VXy6ht5CAQKc3TUE1PlGtPx6vMXkmEnI8EY9ryPumQ0gMks6S7KKWOqWn3BkP6NTbBC4QVhRwpFghSf7ih_8dx55qh12wz0tgBPouSeJszIzUdT-c3NUkQxbj5mK9vDimICw_a1_OWdFUTFnt5LuZvtT81mo3rNEulnSQ

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Homelessness: The Crisis on Our Doorstep | Full Panel Discussion | Oxford Union

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How to Make Low-Income Housing Work As A Real Estate Investment?

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How (Smart) Landlords Can Benefit from Government Programs

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We Don’t Need Subsidized Housing

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The Homeless Chorus Speaks – Full Documentary

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Can anyone build affordable housing without public money?

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The Shockingly Simple, Surprisingly Cost-Effective Way to End Homelessness

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Once a national model, Utah struggles with homelessness

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People who can’t afford rent are living in their cars, and cities aren’t sure what to do about them

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Salt Lake City’s Homeless Relocation Plan Backfires

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Why America Can’t Solve Homelessness

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Building a Better Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City Real Estate Market & Investment Overview

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What S.F. can learn from Salt Lake City

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How is California’s Mass Exodus Impacting Utah?

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How Salt Lake City upended the system to use police and shelters to fight homelessness

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Utah has nation’s worst housing shortage, new programs announced to help

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The Cure for the Wasatch Front’s Housing Crisis: More Affordable Homes Between North Salt Lake and Lehi

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Towns Across the West Face a Housing Crisis. More Sprawl Is Not the Answer.

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Utah’s Race to Provide Affordable Housing

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A Deep Dive: Homeless Services and Housing

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Affordable housing looks to get another boost at the Utah Legislature in 2020

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Like many U.S. cities, Salt Lake finds it ‘can’t build way out’ of affordable housing shortage

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Young homebuyers scramble as prices rise faster than incomes

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The Reasons Behind the Homelessness Explosion

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Utah was once lauded for solving homelessness — the reality was far more complicated

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Utah’s homeless experiment

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Could these Texas solutions help Salt Lake’s homeless? A look at the ‘most talked about neighborhood’ in the country

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Is Housing First Failing Homeless People?

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Homelessness in the United States


San Francisco’s Stalled ‘Moving On Initiative’ Was Working Well, Report Suggests

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What More Can We Do to Solve Our Homelessness Problem? | Insights on PBS Hawai’i

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New Utah population estimates see 14.6% growth since 2010

Adam Forgie. 12 17 2018. KJZZ.

Utah ranks No. 1 for population growth this decade — adds nearly 400K new residents

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Homelessness is declining in America

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Utah task force announces economic plan in response to COVID-19

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Like many U.S. cities, Salt Lake finds it ‘can’t build way out’ of affordable housing shortage

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Rent drops in Salt Lake County. That hasn’t happened in more than a decade.

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Homelessness: Can We Solve It?

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Opportunities in Homelessness and Health

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Utah homeless expert on solving homelessness

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Bussed out

the Outside in America team. 12 20 2017. The Guardian.

Ask us your question #SeaHomeless

Ana Sofia Knauf. 7 19 2018. The Evergrey.

Where are the homeless coming from? They’re mostly from here, service providers say

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Portland Is Not a ‘Hub’ for Homelessness, With One Exception

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Myths about Homelessness

Tampa Hillsborough Homelesss Initiative.

Why do people come to Seattle for homeless services?

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The different faces of homelessness

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Do more homeless people really move to Portland?

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Bay Area homelessness:
97 answers to your questions

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“Word is spreading”: Is Oklahoma the place to be if you’re homeless?

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Why homelessness is going down in Houston but up in Dallas

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5 Key Facts About Homeless Veterans

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Crisis: Housing and Homelessness in California – Day 2

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Roundtable: How To Fix San Diego’s Homeless Problem

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@Home (Homelessness Documentary) | Real Stories

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#1290​: The Homeless Crisis With Dr. Drew

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Searching for Hope: Homeless in Sacramento

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Methamphetamine overdose deaths rise sharply nationwide

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Meth Overdose Deaths Are Surging in America, With Minorities Most at Risk

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As Meth Use Surges, One Region Tries to Combat ‘The Pull’

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Town Hall – Homelessness 101 with OC United Way

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How Atlanta Is Streamlining Funding And Targeting The Most Vulnerable To Reduce Homelessness

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Atlanta makes progress in reducing homelessness, but safety concerns worsen downtown

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City’s annual census finds more people sleeping outdoors

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This city has a plan to stop homelessness by the end of the year

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The City That Plans to Completely End Homelessness

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We Can End Homelessness through Housing First Interventions

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