What the HELL!? Is going on at Joe Biden’s border?: Video Sources

Exclusive: How Biden botched the border Alex Thompson and Stef W. Kight. 2024 2 12. Axios. https://www.axios.com/2024/02/12/how-biden-botched-border Biden faces more criticism about the US-Mexico border, one of his biggest problems heading into 2024 Will Weissert and Adriana Gomez. 2023 10 7. AP.

Why Trump is a Threat to Democracy

Dismissal of James Comey Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dismissal_of_James_Comey The Comey firing, as retold by the Mueller report Eric Tucker. 2019 4 23. AP News. https://apnews.com/united-states-government-4ff1ecb621884a728b25e62661257ef0 Giuliani: Trump fired Comey because former FBI director wouldn’t say he wasn’t a target in investigation Politico Staff. 2018

Is it in U.S. Interests to Support Israel? Piece Sources.

Why America cares about Israel’s security Alan W. Dowd. 2023 12 12. American Legion. https://www.legion.org/landingzone/260767/why-america-cares-about-israel%E2%80%99s-security U.S. National Interests in the Middle East Manuel Hassassian. 1997. Palestine-Israel Journal. https://www.pij.org/articles/450/us-national-interests-in-the-middle-east Why has it been considered in the United States’ national interest to have materially

Who’s right? Palestinians or Israeli Jews? Who has the better claim to the land? Video Sources.

The conquest of Canaan Britannica. https://www.britannica.com/topic/biblical-literature/The-conquest-of-Canaan What Is the Correct Time Frame for the Exodus and Conquest of the Promised Land? Christopher Eames. 2021 6 24. Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology. https://armstronginstitute.org/350-what-is-the-correct-time-frame-for-the-exodus-and-conquest-of-the-promised-land The Shiloh Excavations Associates for Biblical Research. https://biblearchaeology.org/research/conquest-of-canaan/2310-did-the-israelites-conquer-jericho-a-new-look-at-the-archaeological-evidence?highlight=WyJkaWQiLCInZGlkIiwiZGlkJyIsInRoZSIsIid0aGUiLCJ0aGUna2luZyIsInRoZScwJyIsInRoZSd5YWh3ZWgiLCJ0aGUnd2F0ZXJzIiwidGhlJ3NjaG9sYXJzJyIsInRoZSdmaWVyeSIsImlzcmFlbGl0ZXMiLCJpc3JhZWxpdGVzJyIsIidpc3JhZWxpdGVzJyIsImNvbnF1ZXIiLCJkaWQgdGhlIiwiZGlkIHRoZSBpc3JhZWxpdGVzIiwidGhlIGlzcmFlbGl0ZXMiLCJ0aGUgaXNyYWVsaXRlcyBjb25xdWVyIiwiaXNyYWVsaXRlcyBjb25xdWVyIl0= Did the

Why did Bush invade Iraq?–Video Sources

Rationale for the Iraq War Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rationale_for_the_Iraq_War Why did Bush go to war in Iraq? Ashan Butt. 2019 3 20. Al Jazeera. https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2019/3/20/why-did-bush-go-to-war-in-iraq Why did the United States Invade Iraq in 2003? Ashan Butt. 2019. Security Studies. https://d1wqtxts1xzle7.cloudfront.net/89641191/09636412.2019.155156720220814-1-uz8wfd-libre.pdf?1660496228=&response-content-disposition=inline%3B+filename%3DWhy_did_the_United_States_Invade_Iraq_in.pdf&Expires=1693797172&Signature=BfD8JRrPuARntWjOy87ELopJBqw6XpZOTSgqNcTcXRzsMj2VGJ5GF3UzLDQLBkNH10u8BbyyYP68FPIRlEUoGBmNy8DU5Vj59NgDkusa2DNN44CQ1~9wFiQuD~8uv-utf5NLDliM0GYyDZ8r3mjYxyDUYnVAcq3KGMLzoJY-NcDlPAy65sWcMH05fVfkmCtnsSiSkC-~2bwkl8vmJ8UT0ATyC10SxHlSu6YAMKCQjOUODnK2lXq~EKGejeNg2y4R33rhlVzzUMGbl97JJ6B7Pb5TfTNC7q2AycwInP8V7qTg4hFBQaJU0gk-LMOAqxW2GkDp09Uu-FGGsYyEy1w5Ng__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJLOHF5GGSLRBV4ZA The Idea of an

Did the U.S. orchestrate the Color Revolutions!? Video Sources

Democratisation, NGOs and “colour revolutions” Salman Rushdie. 2005. Shalimar the Clown. OpenDemocracy. https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/colour_revolutions_3196jsp/ What Happened to the Colour Revolutions? Authoritarian Responses from Former Soviet Spaces Donnacha O Beachain and Abel Polese. 2010. Journal of International and Area Studies. https://www.jstor.org/stable/43107207?read-now=1#page_scan_tab_contents “Surfing the wave”

China and the United States; in a Cold War? What does China want?: Video Sources

Is a New Cold War Inevitable? Chinese Intentions and the Role of Misperception pt6 Woodrow Wilson Center. 2021. America Is in a New Cold War With China. Andrew Harding. 2023 3 29. Heritage. https://www.heritage.org/asia/commentary/america-new-cold-war-china Winning the New Cold War: A Plan for

Do tariffs increase inflation? — Video Sources

How Tariffs and the Trade War Hurt U.S. Agriculture Alex Durante. 2022 7 25. Tax Foundation. Tracking the Economic Impact of U.S. Tariffs and Retaliatory Actions Erica York. 2022 4 1. Tax Foundation. Lessons from the 2002 Bush Steel Tariffs Erica York.

The Tigray Ethiopia War: Video Sources

Ethiopia: War in Tigray – Background and state of play Eric Pichon. 2022 12 9. Think Tank European Parliament. https://www.europarl.europa.eu/thinktank/en/document/EPRS_BRI(2022)739244 https://www.europarl.europa.eu/RegData/etudes/BRIE/2022/739244/EPRS_BRI(2022)739244_EN.pdf War in Ethiopia Center for Preventive Action. 2023 3 31. Council on Foreign Relations. https://www.cfr.org/global-conflict-tracker/conflict/conflict-ethiopia Tigray War Fast Facts CNN Editorial

Does taxing the wealthy lower inflation?: Video Sources

Fiscal Policy – The Economic Lowdown Podcast Series Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. https://www.stlouisfed.org/education/economic-lowdown-podcast-series/episode-21-fiscal-policy How Can Fiscal Policy Help Reduce Inflation? Peter G. Peterson Foundation. 2023 3 7. https://www.pgpf.org/blog/2023/03/how-can-fiscal-policy-help-reduce-inflation US history lesson: Taxes on rich people helped to beat inflation (and