The Tigray Ethiopia War: Video Sources

Ethiopia: War in Tigray – Background and state of play

Eric Pichon. 2022 12 9. Think Tank European Parliament.

War in Ethiopia

Center for Preventive Action. 2023 3 31. Council on Foreign Relations.

Tigray War Fast Facts

CNN Editorial Research. 2023 3 22. CNN World.

Conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia

Heather Evennett. 2022 11 11. UK Parliament House of Lords Library.

Ethiopia’s Transition and the Tigray Conflict

2021 9 9. Congressional Research Service.

New estimate of the Tigray death toll

Martin Plaut. 2022 10 19.

Ethiopia civil war: Hyenas scavenge on corpses as Tigray forces retreat

Farouk Chothia and Teklemariam Bekit. 2022 10 19. BBC News.

US: War crimes on all sides in Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict

Matthew Lee. 2023 3 20. AP News.

Ending a Civil War

Lauren Jackson. 2022 12 11. New York Times.

Exclusive: Ethiopia seeks to end U.N.-ordered probe into Tigray war abuses

Emma Farge and Gabrielle Tetrault-Farber. 2023 2 27. Reuters.

Analysis: Truce in Ethiopia’s Tigray war just first step on long road to peace

Estelle Shirbon. 2022 11 3. Reuters.

Two years of Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict: A timeline

Al Jazeera. 2022 11 10.

Cautious Hope in Ethiopia’s Tigray War 

William Davison. 2023 1 12. Institut Montaigne.

Months after a peace deal, the Tigray region is recovering from a brutal civil war

Scott Simon. 2023 3 11. NPR.

The West Is Ignoring the Nightmarish War in Ethiopia

Ann Neumann. 2023 2 11. Jacobin.

War in Tigray may have killed 600,000 people, peace mediator says

David Pilling and Andres Schipani. 2023 1 14. Financial Times.


Populations At Risk. 2023 2 28. Global Centre For The Responsibility To Protect.

Risks of Mass Atrocities in Ethiopia Remain High Despite Peace Deal

Ryan D’Souza. 2022 12 20. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Falling Like Leaves

Ann Neumann. 2023. Harpers Magazine.

Ethiopia’s Tigray war and the ‘big lie’ behind the century-defining 600,000 civilian deaths

Phillip van Niekerk. 2023 2 22. Daily Maverick.

Ethiopia civil war: Federal army seizes Shire and two other Tigray towns

BBC Horn of Africa & Natasha Booty. 2022 10 18. BBC.

Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict: Civilian bloodbath warning as offensive escalates

Mary Harper. 2022 10 16. BBC News.

A well informed analysis of the Pretoria and Nairobi deals to end the Tigray war

Martin Plaut. 2022 11 23.

A Call to Action: Averting Atrocities in Ethiopia’s Tigray War

Crisis Group. 2022 10 20.

Hopeful but worried, North Ethiopia war riddles

Sisay Sahlu. 2022 12 31. The Reporter.

As Ethiopian alliances shift, Abiy’s anniversary met by Amhara protests and violence

Martin Plaut. 2023 4 8.

Tigray: A Fragile Peace in the Wake of Unspeakable Horrors

Martin Plaut. 2023 4 6.

With a new Tigray leader in place, Amhara dispute comes into focus

Martin Plaut. 2023 3 29.

The Ethiopian and Eritrean armies deliberately destroyed Tigray’s water sector

Martin Plaut. 2023 3 28.

Ethiopia’s religious institutions were a catalyst for the Tigray war

Martin Plaut. 2023 3 22.

Minority rights dilemma exemplifies Ethiopia’s brutal identity crisis

Martin Plaut. 2023 3 11.

An Inclusive Interim Regional Administration with equal representation – a necessity for Tigray

Dereje T. Asefa and Dawit K. Zigta. 2023 3 11.

Sustaining Peace in Ethiopia

Gerrit Kurtz. 2023 3 10.

Oromo Orthodox Split: A Collision Between Politics and Faith

Martin Plaut. 2023 3 7. Martinplaut: The Elephant.

Has the Tigray blockade been lifted? The evidence shows it has not

Martin Plaut. 2023 3 3.

A rift in Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church has been healed, but tensions remain

Martin Plaut. 2023 2 28. Ethiopia Insight.

Ethiopia’s Tigray war and the ‘big lie’ behind the century-defining 600,000 civilian death

Martin Plaut. 2023 2 22.

Tigray’s Forgotten Missile War With Ethiopia and Eritrea

Martin Plaut. 2023 1 31. Oryxspionkop.

Guide to the number of deaths in the Tigray war – Prof. Jan Nyssen, Ghent University

Martin Plaut. 2023 1 26.

How Eritrean forces have been re-deployed in Tigray – they have not left

Martin Plaut. 2023 1 17.

What’s Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki’s next move after a dubious truce?

Martin Plaut. 2023 1 3. Global Voices.

What was the Tigray war all about?

Martin Plaut. 2022 12 31.

Ethiopian Languages and Their Whereabouts

AZ Susan. 2022 9 12. CCJK.

Languages of Ethiopia


Ethiopia: Ethnic groups and languages


Who triggered the Tigray War on 3 November 2020?

Martin Plaut. 2021 3 11.

Timeline of the Tigray War


Timeline of the Tigray War (January–June 2021)


Timeline of the Tigray War (July 2021–present)


What are the war aims of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia in Tigray?

Martin Plaut. 2021 1 23. Eritrea Hub.

Eritrea’s Role in Ethiopia’s Conflict and the Fate of Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia

Mesfin Hagos. 2020 12 4. African Arguments.

The Tale of Eritrean Withdrawal from Tigray: But Where is the Border?

Mesfin Hagos. 2021 4 15. African Arguments.

List of ethnic groups in Ethiopia


Regions of Ethiopia


Ethiopia Political Map and Regions


Understanding Ethiopia’s #Tigray War: Book Launch

Martin Plaut and Sarah Vaughan. 2023 2 14. Tigray Update.

Eritrea’s Role in the Tigray Genocide, Martin Plaut /Prof. Kjetil Trenvoll /Prof. Mirjam Van Reisen

Martin Plaut and Kjetil Trenvoll. 2022. Teddy Press.

Ukraine: civilian casualty update 20 March 2023

Office of the High Commissioner. 2023 3 20. United Nations.

Civilian Death Toll In Ukraine At Least 8,500, But UN Says It’s Likely ‘Considerably Higher’

Radio Free Europe. 2023 4 11.

Verified Russian Military Deaths in Ukraine Now Exceed 20,000

The Moscow Times. 2023 4 14.

The Bloody Toll of Russia’s War in Ukraine

Seth G. Jones. 2023 3 19. Lawfare.

More than twice as many Russian troops as Ukrainians have been killed in Putin’s war, leaked estimates show

Jake Epstein. 2023 4 10. Business Insider.

Index of /Resources/Maps/Administrative Regions

International Development Partnerships.

Eritrea Guide


Ethiopia War Map: Tigray Rebel Advance on Capital & Control Today (Nov. 2021/Jan. 2022)

Djordje Djukic and Evan Centanni. 2022 1 25. Political Geography Now.

Tigray War


Russia-Ukraine War Casualties May Exceed 300,000

Globely Staff. 2023 4 14. Globely News.

Eritrean forces still occupy several woredas and kebeles in Tigray, officials

Ashenafi Endale. 2023 4 22. The Reporter:

Is peace finally coming to Ethiopia’s Oromia region?

Ermias Tasfaye. 2023 4 30. Ethiopia Insight.

The First Weeks of the Tigray War: How Somali Soldiers Participated

Martin Plaut. 2022 3 8. Eritrea Hub. Bistandsaktuelt.

Somali troops committed atrocities in Tigray as new alliance emerged, survivors say

Lucy Kassa. 2022 1 20. The Globe and Mail.

Somalia Denies Reports Its Troops Fought in Tigray

Mohamed Kahiye. 2021 6 10. VOA.

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