The Wisconsin Supreme Court Just Made Ballot Drop Boxes Illegal

“the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a ruling which rendered most ballot drop boxes illegal in the state. The Court found that state law, which requires that mail-in ballots be delivered to a “mailbox,” does not allow “delivery to an unattended ballot drop box.” The ruling stands as a victory for Republicans in the state, who have consistently attempted to outlaw ballot drop boxes to reduce the incredibly rare phenomenon of voter fraud.”

“However, concerns cited by Republicans—that drop boxes lead to increased voter fraud via “ballot harvesting”—are overblown. As CNN reports, ballot drop boxes are “designed and set up to securely receive ballots without tampering, theft, or other kinds of fraud—they are designed with anti-tampering measures, affixed to the ground, made with durable materials, and often monitored by video surveillance.”

Research shows that voter fraud concerns are often overstated and exaggerated. A 2007 report from the Brennan Center for Justice found vanishingly low rates of confirmed voter fraud, “between 0.0003 percent and 0.0025 percent,” arguing that “[i]t is more likely that an individual will be struck by lightning than that he will impersonate another voter at the polls.” A Washington Post report on the 2016 election found just four confirmed instances of voter fraud.”

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