Trump Promises To Give Police ‘Immunity From Prosecution’

“The stakes, in other words, are high. So he made a few big promises to match.
One such promise: “We’re going to give our police their power back,” he told rallygoers in Waukesha, “and we are going to give them immunity from prosecution.””

Economist Joseph Stiglitz on Pro-Palestine campus protests, Trump and rethinking freedom

Economist Joseph Stiglitz on Pro-Palestine campus protests, Trump and rethinking freedom

Trump says abortion should be up to states. Here’s where it’s banned — and where it’s protected.

“Abortion remains legal in 26 states and D.C.
Abortion is legal for now in 3 states.

Abortion is legal earlier in pregnancy in 5 states.

Abortion is illegal in 16 states.”

Trump turns his legal woes into a campaign fundraising machine

“for his fundraising purposes, the trial may be a boon. Trump’s best fundraising days this year have been driven by his legal jeopardy, which his joint fundraising committee has worked to monetize. His appeals to supporters often reference his legal woes, and

Trump has set up a perfect avenue for potential corruption

“The long answer, however, is that while Trump Media’s valuation is entirely illogical from a financial perspective — as one finance professor told CNN, “The stock is pretty much divorced from fundamentals” — its early success in trading can be boiled down to one simple fact: Donald Trump is running for president, and there’s a decent chance that he’ll be back in the White House this time next year.
Truth Social, in other words, is a way for Trump’s supporters to personally offer him financial support at a time when he desperately needs it. That might be why the company’s volatility looks similar to meme stocks for now. As one analyst told my colleague Nicole Narea, people might buy up Trump Media stock so “they can express their beliefs and commitment.”

For those with deep pockets, it’s also an opportunity to curry favor with the former president.”

Report: Trump’s Proposed Tariff Would Cost Families $1,500 Annually

“Former President Donald Trump’s plan to impose a 10 percent tariff on all imports to the United States would hike prices and cost the average American household $1,500 annually.
That’s the sobering conclusion reached by a new economic analysis from the Center for American Progress (CAP) Action Fund, a left-leaning think tank and advocacy organization. The proposed tariff, which would be applied on top of existing tariffs according to Trump’s campaign, would translate into $1,500 in higher costs for the average American household. That includes “a $90 tax increase on food, a $90 tax increase on prescription drugs, and a $120 tax increase on oil and petroleum products,” according to Brendan Duke and Ryan Mulholland, the two economists who authored the report.”

Trump and Biden Both Get Globalization Wrong

“trade doesn’t need to balance. I have a trade deficit with my supermarket. They get more of my money every year. So, what? I don’t “lose.” I get food without having to grow it myself.
That’s a win for me and the food producer regardless of whether the food was grown locally or came from Mexico.

“Imports are great,” says Lincicome. “It means I can focus on what I want to do for a living and not go make my own food or make my own clothes. I can use those savings and buy other things that makes me better off.”

As long as trade is voluntary, trade is a win for both parties. It has to be; neither side would agree to it unless they think they get something out of the deal.”

“Manufacturing output in the U.S. is near its all-time high. We make more than Japan, Germany, India, and South Korea combined.”