Blinken says China is Russia’s primary military complex supplier

“U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticised on Friday Chinese support for Russia’s defence industry, saying Beijing was currently the primary contributor to Moscow’s war in Ukraine though its provision of critical components for weaponry.
He said this effort was fueling “the biggest threat to European security since the end of the Cold War.”

Speaking at a news conference capping the end of a gathering of G7 foreign ministers on the Italian island of Capri, Blinken said Washington had made it very clear to Beijing and others that they should not be aiding Russia’s war effort in Ukraine.

“When it comes to Russia’s defense industrial base the primary contributor in this moment to that is China. We see China sharing machine tools, semiconductors, other dual use items that have helped Russia rebuild the defense industrial base,” Blinken said.

“China can’t have it both ways. It can’t afford that. You want to have positive, friendly relations with countries in Europe, and at the same time, you are fueling the biggest threat to European security since the end of the Cold War,” Blinken said.

The U.S. has warned China not to aid Moscow’s war effort since Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, which came just weeks after Russia and China declared a “no limits partnership.”

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock echoed Blinken’s concerns.

“If China openly pursues an ever closer partnership with Russia, which is waging an illegal war against Ukraine, … we cannot accept this,” Baerbock said after a meeting with her G7 counterparts in Capri.

U.S. officials briefed reporters earlier this month on materials China was providing to Russia, including drone and missile technology, satellite imagery and machine tools, that fall short of providing lethal assistance but were helping Russia build up its military to sustain its two-year-old war in Ukraine.”

Ukraine says it ‘ran out of missiles’ to stop Russian strike ruining power station

“A lack of air defense missiles prevented Ukraine from thwarting a Russian missile attack last week that destroyed the biggest power plant in the region around the capital Kyiv, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said.

Zelenskiy’s comments, which follow repeated warnings from his government to its allies about scarce air defences, reflect the dire situation Ukraine finds itself in as Russia scales up strikes on its energy system.”

Russia has Ukraine outgunned 10 to 1 on artillery, and 30 to 1 on its airforce, Zelenskyy says

“Ukraine’s president said that Russia is now firing 10 times more artillery shells than his country is able to, and has 30 times more aircraft, in a worrying sign for Ukraine’s ability to sustain its military efforts.”

Zelenskyy blasts allies who turn ‘blind eye’ to Ukraine struggles as ammunition dwindles, Russia advances

“Russia has started to make steady progress against Ukraine as Kyiv’s forces face dwindling ammunition supplies, much to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s frustration.
“There can be no question, Ukraine could be quickly overwhelmed by both men and arms by odds as great as 10 to 1 within weeks without additional U.S. assistance,” Kenneth Braithwaite, a former ambassador and former Navy secretary during the Trump administration, told Fox News Digital.

“This is a critical juncture in the war and time is of the essence for Congress to act on a comprehensive package,” Braithwaite said. “The fact remains that Putin’s only chance to win in Ukraine is if the West loses our resolve.””

Top US general in Europe says Russia has in many ways ‘grown back’ its military strength to what it was before it invaded Ukraine

“Russia’s military has suffered severe losses in Ukraine, but it appears to be bouncing back to what it was before it invaded, says Gen. Chris Cavoli, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander and the head of US European Command.
“They’ve grown back to what they were before,” Cavoli said in a House Armed Services Committee Hearing on Thursday. “They’ve got some gaps that have been produced by this war, but their overall capacity is very significant still, and they intend to make it go higher.”

The commander’s comments lent support to Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell’s April 3 statement that Russia “almost completely reconstituted militarily.”

The war has cost Russia thousands of tanks and seen the military suffer at least 300,000 casualties, by some estimates, yet Russia, the general explained, has been particularly successful in building back its ground forces, most notably by refurbishing, repairing, and producing tanks.

“They still have as many tanks functioning inside Ukraine as they introduced at the beginning of the war,” Cavoli said.

In addition to tanks, Russia’s army has also grown in size by 15 percent, and the country is currently on the path to “command the largest military on the continent,” he said. The size of Russia’s army has exceeded the size it was when it had first invaded Ukraine in 2022. There are questions of capability and quality though.”

US intelligence finding shows China surging equipment sales to Russia to help war effort in Ukraine

“China has surged sales to Russia of machine tools, microelectronics and other technology that Moscow in turn is using to produce missiles, tanks, aircraft and other weaponry for use in its war against Ukraine, according to a U.S. assessment.”

‘Give us the damn Patriots’ — Ukraine needs air defenses now, minister says

“The need for such defenses is all too clear for residents of Kyiv. Just an hour before Kuleba sat down with POLITICO at the foreign ministry on Monday, in broad, mid-morning daylight, the Ukrainian capital came under attack from Russian ballistic missiles.
A couple of loud blasts rang out just moments after air raid sirens blared across the city. Kuleba was in the city’s botanical gardens to make a video for an upcoming trip at the time.

The missiles were intercepted by Patriot air defenses. But nine people, including a teenage girl, were still injured from falling debris, including in the district near to where Kuleba was filming.

The foreign minister’s demand comes at a fraught moment for Ukraine in its attempt to repel Vladimir Putin’s invading forces. Western support, strong at the start of the invasion two years ago, has weakened in recent months, with a major new U.S. aid package held up by partisan divisions in Congress.

European allies have struggled to plug the gap in the supply of funding and arms that Kyiv so badly needs. Ukraine’s war of self-preservation is precariously placed. Russia is making advances on the battlefield and Putin, fresh from a distorted election victory, is leaping on every opportunity to intensify the Russian assault.”