Islam and tensions with the freedom of expression in France: Video Sources

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Sources: Where I was right and wrong about Trump

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Steven Crowder is WRONG! about unmarried births and the Great Society. SOURCES.

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SOURCES: Sam Harris is WRONG! about free will.

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SOURCES: Nuclear Power. Good idea or bad idea?

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Does Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) Destroy National Debt Concerns? SOURCES.

The Real News Podcast – Modern Monetary Theory – A Debate Between Randall Wray and Gerald Epstein The Real News. 2019. Is MMT “America First” Economics? Gerald Epstein. 3 20 2019. Institute for New Economic Thinking. On Modern Monetary Theory

The Fall of the Roman Republic and the Fall of the American Republic: Sources

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Do more guns facilitate more deaths? Video Sources.

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Middle Class Welfare: The Pros and Cons of Employer Sponsored Health Insurance: Sources

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YOU are a welfare queen. Middle Class Welfare. Mortgage Interest Deduction. : Sources

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